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We have always believed that not only the state, but everybody or private association with opportunity should work for positioning Istanbul as a strong brand and utilize it’s the tourism asset at best.

English version of, the site that introduces Istanbul to world on internet since 1995, is the first and unique reference guide for everybody from different nations. Turkish İ has the feature to be a brand new platform for Istanbulites that contains all kinds of updated info and events about Istanbul. has a rich content about Istanbul that appeals to different concerns. Also sections that appeal to different channels of life, from shopping to entertainment and going-out; cinema to culture-arts, attract attention with new functions and subparts.

The search function positioned on top enables users to reach any information by searching with different criteria for different contents.

All contents enriched with photos, videos and panoramic visuals invites users to an audiovisual trip.

Users become active participants to the content and applications of by means of the interactive functions. They interactively participate much more to the content with the votes, comments, the votes that they put to each other’s comments like in a forum site and write and receive private messages. Besides, members can get in contact with the other users and share their interests by means of functions such as ‘invite your friend’ and “event reminder”. Our members can text with each other and follow all of the events in the website from the profile pages they create. Members can apply for the gifts by the credits that they earn by their interactivity performance on the webpage.

Important corporations and associations like Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Governorship of Istanbul, Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, Turkish Hotels and Investors (TUROB ), Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau ( ICVB ) , The Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICEC), Tourism Council of Istanbul, Turkish Tourism Investor Association ( TYD), Istanbul Foundatiton of Culture & Arts, Culture A.S (IKSV), History Foundation, Turkish Airlines (THY), and TAV support programmed with Microsoft .NET technologies.


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