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1. Broadcasting in English and Turkish, this site belongs to İstanbul Komünikasyon Yayıncılık Reklam ve Haberleşme Sistemleri Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi( and is run by the İ legal conditions will be called as İ kind of visual and written materials and applications are ensure totally or partly by the İ and instutions and establishments that it cooperates.

2. All the contents in the İ are protected by the international copyrights and trade mark laws.Including the cod and software, any content and application can not be changed, copied, multiplied, reedited, loaded to another computer, posted, forwarded or distributed.

3. While sending message or file, data entrying or using another communication device over the İ electronically, it is accepted as it is given a unobligatory copyright payment, lasting, unlimited, internationally valid has the right to perform the below terms within the context of this license:

i. To use evry kind of communication, copy, license to anyone else, adaptate, forward, steal to public or present.
ii. To use the above mentioned communication rights freely and license to the third parties without limitation.
iii. Above mentioned rigthts, included the copyrights in all the legislation areas, trade mark, service mark or included the patent law rigth, but as not being limited to these rigths, includes using all the property rigth.

4. supplies the connections and directors to the internet web sites that are managed by the third does not run or inspect the informations, products and services that it uses in its web site and of the third parties’ web sites.

5. does not guarantee that the functions in its contents would be without mistake, solve the problematic sides or be prufied from the viruses or other harmful items of the forum areas and including the service unit making them accesable.

6. does not give warranty for the usage of the materials or correctness about the usage results, certainity, punctuality, reliability in the site or in the third party’sites.Users is seen to have accepted the necessary overhaul, repairament or take over the all correctşon expenses by visiting the İ

7. İ does not inspect the messages, informations or files sent to the forum areas allowing to interact in the real time and data sharing among the users.While using the forum areas and this web site, it is seen ro have accepted the below conditons;

i. Not to impede the forum areas of another user, to use the chat rooms and another interactive areas or to use as requested.
ii. Not to post or forward any information that can be a positive crime, legal inspeciton necessiating, or creating an negative situation that is reverse to the local or inernational, illegal, minatory, uneasing, aspersion, calumny, abuse, scorning, rude, pornographic, immoral information.
iii. Not to forward or mail any software or another material treading of another person’s secrecy rigth or its broadcasting rigth, copyrights, trade mark rigths, including the adaptated materials protected by the property rigths or entered to mentioned class without allowance from its owner
iv. Not to post or forward any virus or any harmful information, software or another materials
v. Not to post, forward or use any information, software or material including trading purpose or an advertising.
vi. While using this service, it is seen to have accepted that the İ has no obligation to inspect the forum areas, chat roomsand other interactive areas of İ
vii. But, İ keeps secret its right to change, refuse to edit or witdraw from the broadcasting of any information and material which are not suitable totally or partly to the above stated conditions in order to reply to legal, administrative or govermental request.

8. İ has no responsibility from the material or/ interial and positive or negative harms stemming from the informaiton in the web site, evaluation, comment and usage of statistical information and its probable expenses.

9. In order to give the services of membership and personalization, personal information (e-mail address, date of birth) obtained from the users are fit for the service aim of the service, these informations can not be used by the third parties apart from the İ as long as the users do not demand.

10. İ, workers preparing its content, entitled person and establishments of İ have no legal and criminal responsibility related to the material and interial harms thanks to not reading or unable to read the mentioned conditions or not behaved correctly according to the rules.

11. has the right to change or upgrade these rights and arbitraments whenever it wants and without informing as one sided.

12. Since the moment you entered into the İ, it is assumed and seen to have accepted that you read the above declarations and warnings.

13. This agreement is valid by at any moment, without making warn.


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